Birmingham Tours Souvenirs




Birmingham Tours Souvenirs

The aim of this page will be to sell Made in Birmingham souvenirs inspired both from the past and present. Birmingham’s signature products as charms as part of the charm bracelet concept – linking and uniting people and places together or perhaps as a key ring – let me know your thoughts by emailing Sue at

Thoughts I have had to date but not been able to put into action! Charms of the bull, spitfire, big brum clock tower, balti bowl, town hall, mini, creme egg, HP sauce bottle, anchor, iron man, Birds Custard, coat of arms, narrowboat, rotunda and obviously we need a Big Brum Buz keyring, fridge magnet, Deritend pottery and Birmingham famous name chocolates.


The Titanic Whistle Silver Charm


This silver charm measures approximately 1cm by 1cm


The Big Brum Open Top Buz Book


The Big Brum Open Top Buz book is A5 size



Themed bus tours on the Big Brum Open Top Buz, covered double decker or your own coach by arrangement at any time of the year.

* Big Brum Open Top Buz Sightseeing Tour
* Birmingham Tours Educational School Bus Tour
* Tolkien/Hobbit Bus Tour
* Music Rocks Bus Tour - rhythms of the city

* Balti & food Bonanza Bus Tour
* Brewery Bus Tour
* Industrial Revolution Bus Tour - genius Matthew Boulton & the Industrial Revolution
* Factory Bus Tour
* Christmas Lights Bus Tour
* Birmingham Ghost Bus Tour
* Black Country Ghost Bus Tour
* Tennis Bus Tour - a tennis twist in the tale!
* Sport Special Bus Tour
* Broadcasts Bus Tour - your favourite shows including the Archers, Brum, Hustle, Survivors and Doctors
* Cardinal Newman Celebration Bus Tour
* Pugin Extravaganza Bus Tour
* Hidden Gems of the City Bus Tour
* Birmingham Tours Royal Bus Tour

Tours tailored to your organisation (minimum numbers or minimum charge applies) - contact Birmingham Tours on 0121 427 2555, 078051 15998, email

Tickets for any fixed date themed bus tours must be booked in advance through Birmingham Tours on 0121 427 2555/078051 15998, email

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT – after dinner talk or slide show – the story of the Big Brum Buz and So You Think You Know Birmingham Challenge Quiz.


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