Highlights 2011



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Highlights 2011

11th April 2011

Hooray - the bus has been booked for the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th April by Christ Embassy Birmingham to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton - I am really looking forward to seeing the photos.

Saturday 23rd April 2011 - St George's Day, Shakespeares birthday and the third year launch of the Big Brum Buz.

What a great day - the weather was fantastic and Ian our guide was his usual magnificent self showing us the delights of Birmingham. Mick our driver from Kings Norton Coaches proved a dab hand at driving the bus and I was delighted to welcome aboard all our guests. By lunch time word had spread that we were doing free half hour taster tours and we were overwhelmed. I loved the tour when one of our guests held aloft a large St Georges Day flag missing electric lines by inches!



Saturday 21st May 2011 - the Big Brum Bus provided the transport to celebrate a team win through Henley in Arden

Friday 27th May 2011 - our first wedding of the year from Birmingham Registry Office for the Bennett family - check out the photos opposite and on our wedding page - the couple look so happy

Sunday 29th May 2011 - we welcomed the Midland Cornish Society on the buz

Monday 30th May 2011 - the Big Brum Bus provided FREE tours as part of the Lord Mayor's Show - unfortunately, a rainy day!

Wednesday 1st June 2011 - the Big Brum Bus was parked in Victoria Square as part of UK Athletics Day. The bus was positioned at the end of the runway for the UK Athletics team of pole vaulters. The view from the top of the doubledecker watching the pole vaulters run towards the bus was exceptional - a very special experience. The aim of the event to prove that a pole vaulter could jump higher than a double decker bus!

Wednesday 22nd June 2011 - Christ the King School booked the Big Brum Bus again for a tour of the city - a really exciting tour for the children

Saturday 25th June 2011 - there was a splendid turn out when members of the Birmingham Civic Society joined in the 2.30 tour on the Big Brum Open Top Bus. Using a fixed date tour is a great way to see Birmingham especially if you do not feel confident that you can get enough people to book the bus on a private basis.

Thursday 30th June 2011 - the Big Brum Bus provided tours starting from the Barber Institute for potential students to Birmingham University. It is the best possible way to show off our great city and welcome families to make them feel at home.

Friday 15th July 2011 - the Big Brum Bus provided an entertaining and informative tour for delegates attending a conference at Aston University

Saturday 30th July 2011 - the Fuller family wedding from St Peters Church, Sutton Coldfield

Saturday 6th August 2011 - we celebrated another wedding at Selly Manor Museum

Saturday 13th August 2011 - when my brother in law from Florida came on the bus there was a stand in Victoria Square promoting `nominate someone special to be an Olympic torchbearer'. If you would llike to nominate someone special go to www.lloydstsb.com/carrytheflame. When the torch comes to Birmingham on Saturday 30th June I would like to see that special person transported on the Big Brum Bus - a great chance to promote Birmingham

Sunday 14th August 2011 - did you spot me on the Big Brum Buz with Nigel Mansell, Jasper Carrott and Garry Newbon - what a fabulous day

To celebrate Nigel Mansell being awarded a star on the famous Broad Street Walk of Stars the bus became a stage and green room situated outside the House of Sport. I was actually interviewed by Paul Franks and Mark of Radio WM which was great fun and the Lord Mayor Anita Ward very kindly had her picture taken in front of the Big Brum Buz. Nigel and Jasper had their photographs taken



Sunday 14th August 2011 - after the very exciting Nigel Mansell event in the afternoon the bus went on to do a tour for the Quinton Cluster Group. This is one of my favourite ways of using the bus - Birmingham families getting to know their city with the unique experience of being on an open top bus.

Monday 29th August 2011 - the bus has been booked for a tour of the city to celebrate a 30th wedding anniversary. This shows that the bus can be used on a private basis in many ways - what a great way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or special occasion .

Friday 16th September 2011

Shuttle reporter Jennifer Meierhans hopped on the train to get a taste of Birmingham's first Food Festival, a 10 day gastronomic celebration, set to descend on the city from October 14 to the 23rd. We were lucky enough to have Jennifer join us on the bus for a tour of the city - check out what she had to say by following the link.

As part of Birmingham's Food Festival the Big Brum Buz will be running the Big Brum Balti Bus Tour in conjunction with Imrans restaurant in Ladypool Road and the Real Ale Tour in conjunction with theWellington Pub.

Monday 19th September 2011 - the Big Brum Bus will be taking part again in Freshers Week for Aston University - we are always here promoting Birmingham.

Tuesday 20th & Friday 23rd September 2011 - the Big Brum Bus made two tours for freshers joining Mason & Elgar Hall, Birmingham University - I think it was a great way to see your home for possibly the next three years and is also the best possible way for the University to let everyone know how great it is living in Birmingham.

Friday 30th September 2011- another school tour for St Patricks and St Edmunds School - the theme Be Proud to be a Brummie week - fantastic.

Saturday 1st October 2011 - a tour on the Big Brum Buz for a reunion of Birmingham medical students - I think they will have thought the city has changed quite a bit! The amazing co-incidence on the day was that the guide used to be one of their lecturers!

Thursday 13th October 2011 - the bus took part in filming for a programme to be produced by British TV Chef and presenter Alan Coxon. Alan has been filming a new TV series to be aired on Food network next year entitled “From Birmingham to Bombay” and will be releasing a cookbook of the same title to accompany the series.

Saturday 15th October 2011 - the Big Brum Buz Balti bus tour, part of Birmingham's first food festival in conjunction with Imrans restaurant on the Ladypool Road.

Monday 17th October 2011 - one of the best events of the year - the Big Brum Buz was hired for a ghost tour of the city by the Eurobrum Society.

Sunday 30th October 2011 - Birmingham Tours Ghost bus - this very popular annual event was fully booked and proved a really entertaining evening.

Monday 21st November 2011 - a tour on the Big Brum Open Top Buz for Washwood Heath Technical College - the theme Birmingham as a tourist destination.

Wednesday 23rd November 2011 - hire of the Big Brum Buz for an architectural tour of the city for Velux - I know we have some very interesting buildings in Birmingham.

Monday 5th December 2011 - the very first Christmas Lights bus tour on the Big Brum Open Top Buz in Southside to celebrate the very first Chinese Christmas lights in the Chinese Quarter and the very first pink lights in the Gay Quarter - they all looked really beautiful.

SouthsideChristmasLightsBustour2011 SouthsideChristmasLightsBustour2011
SouthsideChristmasLightsBustour2011 SouthsideChristmasLightsbustour2011

Friday 9th December 2011 - the last tour of the year - Christmas Lights on the Big Brum Open Top Buz. A stunning tour was enjoyed by all - the lights of Birmingham looked really good this year and it was great to drive past the Frankfurt market. Afterwards a small Christmas party was held at the Blue Piano to thank all those involved in keeping the Big Brum Buz on the road - not the best picture but the bus was in fact beautifully decorated by Mick.



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