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Big Brum Buz Launch 2016

Big Brum Buz Launch 2016

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Big Brum Buz Launch 2016 – Birmingham Tours is proud to launch the 2016 Big Brum Open Top Buz sightseeing tour in Birmingham – our eighth year in the city providing amazing tours of Birmingham. Saturday 30th April was a brilliant day with busy 10.30 and 12.30 tours to start off the season. The 2.30 was by invitation only although we were really pleased to welcome aboard a special birthday party for Margaret Debney. Honoured guests included a number of councillors, Steve Ball – associate director of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, family and friends to name but a few. Dawn was the driver and Mary the guide who had to contend with some rainy weather. Thank you to Jas Sansi for taking the photos and to Graham Young from the Birmingham Mail. At the end of the tour we were all delighted with our sponsored tea at the Hyatt Hotel. When the bus started in 2009 the Hyatt sponsored the event and I want to extend a big thank you to Mario and his staff for their very kind and generous help to make the launch of the bus in 2016 a day to remember. To round off the day we launched Brum Ware – a mug produced by renowned potter Carole Glover. Brum ware harks back to the medieval pottery of Birmingham – Deritend Ware and is a unique way of celebrating Birmingham’s heritage.

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