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Friends of the Big Brum Open Top Buz

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Birmingham Tours Ltd is a not for profit company providing educational bus and walking tours to promote pride, identity and unity in the city

Become  a Friend of the Big Brum Open Top Buz – if you believe that Birmingham – the UK’s second city should have a bus tour which promotes all that Birmingham has to offer. Birmingham is everyone’s heritage, everyone’s present and everyone’s future – if we value our city and aim to stay safe please support us. Become a Brummie Boaster. Please contact Sue at Birmingham Tours Ltd if you require any further information by email at


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Birmingham had a sightseeing bus about 20 years ago operated by the main company in the business City Sightseeing. The time was right to have a bus again and this is what happened in 2009.

As a qualified Heart of England Blue Badge tour guide I was embarrassed that Birmingham did not have a bus as I see it as an essential service plus a walking tour to promote any city. Having approached City Sightseeing and many other bus companies nobody was interested so I subsequently, bought a bus. As the bus requires an operator’s licence Central Connect operated the bus in its first year.  In 2010 Johnsons Coaches took over the operation and then Kings Norton Coaches in 2011. As it is not possible to run the bus on a commercial basis I set up Friends of the Big Brum Open Top Buz. We need more friends to help with the running costs of the bus especially as it is an old bus needing maintenance. All income from Friends of the Big Brum Open Top Buz help keep the bus on the road. 

In 2014 the bus became a not for profit limited by guarantee company. It allows us to try and obtain funding from different avenues such as the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The aim is to develop a sustainable future for the bus working in greater depth with  schools in Birmingham and beyond. 

The unique selling point of the Big Brum Buz is that it is the ONLY open top sightseeing bus tour in Birmingham offering a complete live guided tour covering the major points of interest from both a cultural, historical, architectural and contemporary aspect.

The bus brings Birmingham in line with other major cities in the UK and abroad and the tour is hosted by expert qualified Heart of England Blue Badge Guides all of whom are passionate about Birmingham. 

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The bus is the perfect vehicle for sponsorship as it has a high PR profile target (please download the marketing profile here) featuring in many of the major events in the city.  Besides running as a fixed date tour it is continually available for private hire throughout the year for corporate clients, schools, universities, wedding parties, organisations, etc.

It is a tourist attraction in its own right as well as an ambassador for the city promoting community awareness and harmony.

How you can use and support the bus
  • Transport for a team celebration
  • Advertise on the bus
  • Sponsor a seat
  • Promotional package promoting your offer
  • Transport for a wedding
  • Wedding anniversary present
  • Birthday and special event present
  • Transport for a High School Prom
  • Promotional bus to make your event stand out from the crowd
  • Promotional bus used as a temporary stage
  • School educational tour
  • Organisation tour on a private basis or on a fixed time tour if you do not feel confident that you can get enough people to book the bus on a private basis
  • Standard Big Brum Open Top Buz Sightseeing tour or themed tour linked in with a visit to a tourist attraction, restaurant, concert, sporting event, theatre, ballet, art gallery, heritage site, etc.
  • Promotional tour for delegates attending a conference
  • Promotional tour for potential and current students
  • Familiarisation tour for freshers
How to become a Friend of the Big Brum Buz

Please download the information sheet here

Branding the bus for one year – £5,000 

Bus stop promotional offer – £500

Included in the price:

  • physical stop where clients would be told by the guide that this is the stop for your venue.
  • your venue would be promoted on our leaflets included in the route map.
  • advertising on the bus in terms of a poster and your flyers available.
  • as part of our Days Out in Birmingham initiative when we put forward an itinerary for a client we would promote your venue as part of the package.

Promotional offer – £300 

Included in the price:

  • advertising on the bus and flyers
  • Days Out in Birmingham initiative when we put forward an itinerary for a client we would promote your venue as part of the package
  • promotion of your venue or a particular event linked in with a tour of the city

Sponsor a seat  – £250

Private individual sponsorship – season ticket £100 to include a free signed copy of the Big Brum Bus book

Advertising prices range on the bus from £1000, £500 to £250 depending on positioning (please download the information sheet here)

Any part of the concepts can be purchased on an individual basis for £250. As part of any of the packages we would like a reciprocal website link and inclusion of our details and support of our project on your website or promotional literature. We would be happy to look at any appropriate financial suggestion linked in if appropriate with other venues on route.



Birmingham Tours website has a google ranking of PR4 and an average of 2500 hits a day. Recently, we were paid £250 to put a link on our website – how cool is that! 

Would you like to participate in a promotional event we are doing this year? I am running a promotional quiz and offering a free ticket on the Big Brum Open Top Buz once a week from the end of April when the bus starts the season. Your venue could be the basis for the question and to answer the question the person has to visit your venue, thereby increasing visitor numbers and overall awareness of your attraction. We would be happy to put the question, image and link to your website on our home page in return for appropriate support. Please download the information sheet here.


We would like to put forward a suggestion to all group organisers and hotels in and around Birmingham that we all promote Days Out in Birmingham. If you are a group organiser Birmingham is a superb place to hold an event offering a central location, convenient relaxed access combined with a unique experience.  If you are a hotel you can increase the length of stay for guests thereby obviously increasing your revenue by providing added value. At the point of group booking rather than be unsure of what Birmingham has to offer you can put forward an appropriate proposal for any time of the year. Hotel staff will be welcome on the bus at any time when it is running, free of charge and we are very happy to provide familiarisation trips for both staff and guests to celebrate what Birmingham has to offer. Please download the information sheet here.


Any of our bus or walking tours can be used for charity events. Someone contacted me recently and said that people were bored being asked for money with nothing in return – so true! However, they also did not understand how they could use any of our tours to raise money. Please download the information sheet here.

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