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Open Top Bus, Double Decker and coach hire in Birmingham

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Double Decker and coach hire in Birmingham. 

We specialise in double decker and coach hire in Birmingham- below are some of the most popular ways that the bus can be used:

  • Wedding Bus – perfect for a memorable wedding!
  • Party Bus – ideal for birthday parties, proms, leaving parties or anniversaries.
  • Charity Bus  a great way to promote your charity or have a fundraising event.
  • Sporting Triumph – celebrate in style by hiring our open-top bus!
  • Corporate and conference events  the bus is perfect for promotional tours, familiarisation trips, conference tours and other corporate events.
  • Educational bus  for open days or school events the bus is the only option.
  • All other events – the open top bus can can be used for general transportation or as a platform or stage.
  • Whatever else you can think of – we are here to help.

Click on any of the images below to check out the photos of past events.

Hire the Big Brum Open Top Buz for your wedding
Hire the Big Brum Open Top Buz for your Party, Prom or as a present for that special day
Private bus hire for Charity Events and Sporting Celebrations
Corporate Bus Hire in Birmingham
Birmingham Bus Hire for Open Days and School Trips
Birmingham Private Bus Hire, for Transport, Platform or as a Stage

Wedding bus, transport, platform/stage, birthday party, prom, leavers party, anniversary present, charity event, school tour, corporate event combined with a themed tour, promotional event combined with a themed tour, familiarisation trip, themed tour combined with a visit to an attraction/cultural event/restaurant of your choice, open days for past and present students, football/sporting triumph, celebration – whatever you can think of we will try and help.

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“It was a lovely day Mum and great fun with everyone there and the bus trip was a laugh. Thank you. We read the Birmingham Buz booklet when we got home and Richard and I were amazed to learn more new things about Birmingham”

“Dear Jenny, Thank you so much for an amazing weekend, like Sarah and Katie have mentioned before me the buz trip was so much fun, I loved hearing everyone’s memories if Birmingham, and seeing where people had grown up and danced in jazz clubs, brilliant!”

“Yes, it should really be us thanking you, Jenny, for such a brilliant, funny, original day!  What an absolute laugh on the buz and amazing that there were so many stories uncovered on the tour – that is definitely a huge addition to all our memory banks.  Lovely for the children too to have a glimpse and a sense of their heritage”

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