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School Bus Trips in Birmingham

Chocolate, custard, cars, whistles and bangles to the best in the world for science, medicine, education, sport and art – Birmingham has it all.

NEW FOR 2014

School Bus Trips in Birmingham


Birmingham has a fascinating story to tell with its involvement in the First World War. The tour is aimed at children’s interests with fascinating facts, quirky quizes, horrid histories and thought provoking `did you know’ elements designed to inspire and enthuse the children. Starting at the iconic Town Hall you will hear about Neville Chamberlain’s rousing inspirational speech and the massive recruiting parade in Victoria Square. On the route we will visit sites to learn about Zeppelins and Armaments; the Quakers and conscientious objectors; War hospitals taking over the University of Birmingham and Highbury Hall; the Hall of Memory built to commemorate the 12,320 Birmingham citizens who died and the 35,000 who were wounded during the War; the massive involvement of the Jewellery Quarter and Cadbury’s; the women’s stories including the 15,000 migrant women working in the factories and the plight of the Belgian Refugees.  Come and join us in this very special year which will mark 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War.

The Big Brum Open Top Bus besides running as a fixed date sightseeing tour on a seasonal basis is available for hire all the year round offering themed educational tours of the city.

The bus tour is the perfect vehicle to inspire your children providing a sound basis for a knowledge of Birmingham. Work can be continued in the class room to develop pride in the city using a `top trump’ theme, photos and drawings.

We can provide tours on your own or hired double decker bus if more appropriate at any time – price on application.Tours last approximately one and a half to 2 hours with a professional qualified city guide experienced in working with children. The bus can pick up and drop off at your school and has a capacity of up to 75 people – 40 upstairs and 35 downstairs. In many cases we have started the day with two classes swopping over at half time and then following on with another tour for another two classes. Drawing and photography have been an option at half time in Victoria Square. Tours can be linked in with places of interest in Birmingham such as the BMAG, Back to Back Houses, Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, etc., combining transportation with a themed event. Risk assessment available.

Citizenship at Key Stages 3 and 4
Britain – a diverse society – the tour can form the basis for the criteria listed in key stage 3 showing how Birmingham became a multi-cultural city. A celebration of the social history of our city.

Religious education Key Stages 1 and 2
Tours based on what religions are represented in your neighbourhood including a visit to a place of worship.

History at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 for years 5/6, year 8
Tours linked to Victorian Britain, how has life in Britain changed since 1948, Industrial revolution and local industrial changes.

Geography at key stage 3
Exploring Birmingham, shopping, tourism, why is it cool to live in a city

English literature
Tolkien, Birmingham’s Literary Heritage, the Naughty Bus

General interest tours

Tours which develop pride, knowledge and identity with the city such as Brilliant Brum and Be Proud to be a Brummie, art and architecture in the city. This tour can be tailored to your school year and subject requirements. Developing the theme Be Proud to be a Brummie we can take a general look at the city including the major buildings of interest pitched at the right level for the age group concerned. Just riding on the Big Brum Open Top Buz is an exciting experience in its own right. We can explore the social and industrial history of the city and its geography comparing it with other regions of the country and our most recent theme has been studying the city as a tourist destination.

Link your tour with a visit to the Library, the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, the Back to Back Houses and more as the bus can act as transport as well as offering a guided tour.

I would like to see all the schools in the city experience the Big Brum Open Top Buz as the tour develops pride in the city and unites the people of Birmingham. I would also like to show off Birmingham to all the schools in the UK!

The Birmingham Tours School Education Bus Tour is bookable all year round on a private basis. To discuss your requirements in more detail please contact Sue at Birmingham Tours on 0121 427 2555/078051 15998 or email


Friday 9th May 2014

Yarnfield Primary School with so many children had 2 tours of the city – a great day out in Birmingham.

<p”>hi sue - it was a great tour and the children were really involved in the information provided by the tour guide.  excellent all round, thanks and have spoken to my colleague about the photos - sue lambton

Wednesday 7th May 2014

Hillstone Primary School enjoyed a tour on the Big Brum Open Top Buz. They were a fantastic group and very well prepared with a song about Peter de Bermingham which was composed by one of the teachers – amazing.

Tuesday 25th March 2014

For the third year Highfield School in Saltley enjoyed two tours on the Big Brum Buz – even though it was raining a great time was had by all.

Thursday 20th March 2014

St Dunstans School in Kings Heath went out on the bus in lovely weather. I hope you like the picture of Mr Kenny the headmaster in front of the bus.