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Sue Behan is a qualified tourist guide in Birmingham UK

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Sue Behan is a qualified tourist guide in Birmingham UK. I am available for group walking or coach tours of Birmingham at all times of the year to show off my favourite city.  I am a `brummie’ born and bred and have always been a proud supporter of Birmingham’s amazing heritage. A guided tour of any city is the very best way to get to know your way around. I really enjoy showing off Birmingham to visitors, locals and in particular school groups who often have never been in to Birmingham city centre. I am a qualified Heart of England Blue Badge Guide which is the highest guiding qualification in the UK, a member of the Institute of Tourist Guides Association, Birmingham Civic Society, Marketing Birmingham and Birmingham Heritage Forum.  Qualifying in 2000 I went on to complete a diploma of higher education in Birmingham History to give me that in depth knowledge of the history of the city. In 2009 I started the Big Brum Open Top Bus sightseeing tour which is run as a not for profit company providing tours of the city to promote pride, unity and identity. As  Birmingham Tours Ltd if I am not available I can offer alternative friendly qualified professional guides for driving and walking tours of Birmingham including fixed date seasonal and private tours all the year round on the Big Brum Open Top Buz, covered double decker or your own coach. If you want to get to know Birmingham join the Brummie boasters! and become a friend of the Big Brum Buz.

We are the number one provider of bus and walking tours in Birmingham.

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