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Good news – the Big Brum Buz has now launched the 2016 season. Sunday 8th May the 2.30 is a pre-booked Tolkien tour. The 10.30 & 12.30 tours on Saturday 28th May 2016 will not be running due to the Pride Parade

Bus and Walking Tours in Birmingham – Welcome to Birmingham Tours

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The Big Brum Open Top Buz Tour

Tickets Information, Timetables, and Bus Route for the Big Brum Buz, Birmingham

Big Brum Open Top Buz Sightseeing Tour – chocolate, custard, cars, whistles and bangles to the best in the world for science, medicine, education, culture, sport and art – Birmingham has it all!

A live guided exciting adventure through the UK’s second city – the Brummagem tour is the very best way to explore the global city with a local heart – the Jewel in the Crown, the Golden Mile with the Golden Boys, leafy Edgbaston, the Eastside Extravaganza!

Enquiries hotline number: 078051 15998
For further information and the answer to all your questions check out the Big Brum Open Top Buz page.

About Us

Birmingham Tours Ltd specialises in providing friendly professional guides for driving and walking tours of Birmingham including fixed date seasonal and private tours all the year round on the Big Brum Open Top Buz, covered double decker or your own coach. We are the number one provider of bus and walking tours in Birmingham. 


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St.Patrick's Day Parade 2016 St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2016 Birmingham - St. Patrick's Day Parade 2016 Birmingham is always an amazing event. They say the sun shines on the righteous - well it definitely shone on the Irish today - what a fabulous sunny day on Sunday 13th March 2016
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